Do not put off life until later. Because it is finite…

Do not put off  life until later. How Steve Jobs met his wifeOne day, Steve Jobs gave a talk at the university. His future wife was sitting in the audience. He liked her, and he came up to her after the report. She gave him her phone number. On the same day, he decided to invite her to dinner, but he was scheduled business meeting. In life, it happens. Heading to his car, Steve asked herself, » What would I have done if it was the last day of my life?».

It is easy to guess what he did at that moment. He instantly returned to the classroom to find there that woman and took her with him. Since then, they have been together.

The realization that you are mortal is a great source of wisdom. The realization of the inevitable end is a great practice, which is the best way to ignite a passion, a willingness to take risks and to plunge into the game we call life. Such a question to yourself allows us to focus on the essentials. It is still not too late.


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