Yoga for women. Therapeutic yoga benefits

Yoga is a universal practice of spiritual, physical and psychological development. But everyone knows that yoga is especially effective for women. Despite of the fact that men have invented yoga. Yes, men reach the dizzying heights in yoga. Still, yoga for women also, because it can do very much for women’s health and beauty. So today let’s talk about yoga for women and therapeutic yoga benefits… And that ‘s what we do in the «Yoga for Women» groups (see schedule here).

Let’s make a short list therapeutic yoga benefits for women:

- specialized sequences of yoga for women include a variety of asanas that improve blood circulation of the pelvic organs, have a beneficial effect on the health of the abdomen, genitals, gonads and entire endocrine system because yoga improves the functions of the endocrine glands;

- some asanas in yoga for women relieve menstrual pain. Later therapeutic yoga benefits let you delay the start of menopause facilitating its unpleasant symptoms;

- inverted asanas in yoga for women, for example Viparita Karani Mudra, are known for their pronounced anti-aging effect; 

- during period of menopause, which can start now in 40 years already, especially if women are overweight, there is a big risk of the occurrence of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, particularly coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis, are very painful deseases. Moreover they lead straight to a disability if a woman doesn’t take measures in time. Therapeutic yoga benefits are one of the best ways to avoid this scenario. The sooner you start to practice yoga for women, the more reliable prevention of the age joint destruction will be;

- practicing of Mula Bandha is always a part of “Yoga for women” class. It strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Due to therapeutic yoga benefits it’s highly recommended in case of prolapse of the uterus and lowering of other organs located in the pelvis. Besides, Mula Bandha increases the quality of sexual life;

- high-grade sequences in “Yoga for women” program involve all kinds of asanas, are the best way to correct the body not by means of the muscles’ overgrowth, but due to stretching and strengthening them. Yoga for weight loss for women allows you to create ideal shape of the body — the perfect illustration of women health and beauty;

- dynamic yoga for weight loss for women contribute to effective slimming and have a tightening effect, that is important for everybody who loses weight rapidly. Active pranayama, or breathing techniques, speeds up the fat burning process. Exercises for the hormonal systems normalization help get rid of the unhealthy appetite, cravings for fatty and sugary foods;

- calm pranayama and meditation in “Yoga for women” reduce stress levels and have great therapeutic yoga benefits, let practitioners  get out of depression quickly. Stress is common cause of extra weight and other problems with women health and beauty;

A lot of women come to yoga in the age over 40 and much later. As a rule, this often happens at a time when health is deteriorating sharply and quickly. At last, a woman realizes the urgent need to do something to save the remains of her health and beauty. Fortunately, yoga takes us under its wing at any age and in any physical condition. Each asana can be adapted even for someone who didn’t have any physical activity for decades. Although we are all well aware that the earlier start supporting our women’s health and beauty, the greater results we receive.

Yoga for pregnant women must be considered separately.

Since we are talking about the specifics of yoga for women, we don’t discuss the general therapeutic yoga benefits for the health of both women and men, both young ones and in adulthood. You have to understand that yoga was created to prevent diseases at the very first symptoms. However, taking into account safety of exercises and contraindications, therapeutic yoga achieves great success in the treatment that is recognized and replicated by official medicine.

And sometimes, yoga for women becomes a real shamanic practices. Chanting mantras, the endless repeats of the same movement in kundalini yoga, when we almost fall into a trance… From a physiological point of view, at this moment we do a lot of very useful things, activating our hormonal system, detoxifying some organ systems, balancing left and right hemispheres of the brain, etc. However emotionally our small close-knit groups of women are imbued with the spirit of ancient witchcraft… and you know what? This is exactly what we have lacked in our crazy life within a huge metropolis…


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