Inspire yourself by writing your own eulogy!

Inspire yourself by writing your own eulogy!Today I’ve met an unexpected challenge for me trying to write… my own eulogy. Rhonda Uretzky shared her experience after some seminar she attended where she wrote your own eulogy, describing in detail the things she’d want to be remembered for.

Yes, first this task shocks you  and grows you out of your comfort zone. This task require other standpoint, unusual for everyday life. But the result worth of the efforts: it’s very inspiring. I’ve decided to do it without any preparation, taking an imaginary position on the end of my life. Invite you to join this psychological practice also. So, what would you want to hear about you and the life you lived?

“Liya Volova was not afraid of change. She was waiting for them, called them, seized on them. By her courage she inspired people who knew her. For each year of her life she as if lived three years. Looking at her life we began to believe: nothing is impossible, we have access to any desires and goals, we just have to allow yourself to achieve them. Whatever she tought – journalism, copywriting, yoga or something else – Liya taught us to affranchise our own creativity and free will. Yoga for Liya was one of the most powerful tools for a magical transformation of the human body and soul. And she taught with amazing enthusiasm which encouraged her learners to build better themselves and better life. There were no trifles and unimportant details in her mix of Hatha and Kundalini yoga, breathing practices and energy exercises, a healthy diet and detox. She was a pedant, but in the best sense of this word. She never neglected technique of asanas, did not deviate from the schedule of her courses, seminars and retreats, never disregarded the accepted rules of the game and taught her students to do the same. She has gone to a new world. No doubt, there she will continue to enthrall someone for a further, higher, into even more uncharted given. But she left us with her articles, books and memories, like an inspiring lighthouses…”

I’d be happy to see your versions of your own eulogy in comments!


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