Some tips for fast weight reduction. How to create your quick diet that works?

If new quick diet promises you super-fast results, do not hurry to rejoice and plunge into it immediately. Professional nutritionists all as one argue that if you are losing more than 5 kg body weight per week, we can not speak about a healthy quick diet in this case. Muscle weakness and exhaustion — that’s what you get in addition to the lost pounds and inches. I will list below some common reasons why diet doesn’t work and doesn’t cause fast weight reduction. Follow the same rules to create your own quick diet taking into account some other important tips.

So we are in the search of quick diet for healthy and fast weight reduction. Let’s begin from the opposite side and recount common mistakes to explain why even good diets don’t work quite often.


1. Sleep and diet are inextricably linked
How to create your quick diet that works?If a person goes to bed after 10 p.m. and not gets enough sleep chronically, it worsens adrenal regeneration and adds toxic burden on the liver. This, in turn, slows metabolism and weight reduction.

Remember about strong connection between diet and sleep. Lack of sleep is a common source of obesity. Recently, Dr. Hart of the Center for the Study of Obesity (Melbourne, Australia) conducted a study, which involved 37 children in the age of 8-11 years, 27% of whom were overweight or had some degree of obesity. The purpose of the study was to analyze the relationship of sleep and diet. During the first week of the experiment, all the children slept as usual. Next week a half of the guys were asked to sleep longer at night, and the other half — to sleep less. After 7 days, these subgroups are swapped. All this time, doctors weighed children and asked about what they ate during the test period. Tests to measure the level of leptin had been done also. Leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger and closely associated with the store of subcutaneous fat.

The results showed that children whose sleep was extended, consumed an average of 134 calories less per day and gained weight reduction by the end of the first week. Moreover they had fewer of the treacherous leptin.

So healthy quick diet and sleep always go together. I mean deep sleep in enough quantity, of course.  Diet that works takes it into account necessarily.

2. Too low calories intake

Some tips for fast weight reductionOf course, each diet means a decrease of daily food consumed. And quick diet is not an exception.

But if you eat too little, the body as a response does not burn fat, but on the contrary, keeps it to have a supply of energy. Diet that works is able to avoid this byproduct. We need to spend calories, not to save them.

This occurs if the daily intake is less than 1200 calories (an exception may be a short-term quick diet). And in this case, you will hardly achieve rapid weight reduction.

3. Insufficient water intake

If you do not drink the required rate of plain water a day, you reduce the metabolic process significantly. As you know the water is actively involved in metabolism. That means a slower fat burning as a consequence.

There are various approaches to calculate the rate of water for daily consumption. You can use the simpliest one for begining:  multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.15. You get the number of glasses of pure water per day. 

This method of calculation is also easiest to follow. It can be considered as beginners’ way. Quick diet that works can not decrease your daily rate of water consumer. It’s one of the important conditions for healthy weight reduction.

More about the benefits of drinking water weight loss and healthy drinking water diet you can read here. Furthermore, in this article you will find a couple of other methods to count your daily rate of water consumed.

4. Lack of exercise duration

Of course, physical activities are very important  in the fight for weight reduction. But it was found that the loss of body fat begins only on the 26th minute of your exercising. So, if your workout is shorter, you just keep your current weight.

Continuous exercises should last at least 30-40 minutes a day.

Add this rule to your quick diet period.

5. Insufficient amount of protein intake

Diet that works really never avoids protein. If amount of protein which you consume every day is less than it’s required for your weight   the processing of fats slows down. Weight reduction does also.

How to calculate the required amount of protein for your healthy quick diet? For each kilogram of your weight you need to eat about four grams of protein per day.

6. Too few fruits and vegetables

If you’re on a diet, remember, that every day you need to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat steamed vegetables. Each healthy quick diet that works usually uses this rule to help the body to stabilize insulin level, fat burning and weight reduction.

7. Improper monitoring of the weight reduction dynamics

No need to weigh yourself every day, joylessly fixing another five grams weight reduction. Even quick diet needs time. Here are that you need to know: body mass index, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio and calories intake .

When you remeasure yourself, say, in a month, you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive dynamics, which may not so noticable in daily tests.

Body mass index formula is simple:

Imperial BMI Formula

BMI (lbs/inches²) = (weight in pounds * 703 ) / height in inches²

Metric BMI Formula

BMI (kg/m²) = weight in kilograms / height in meters²


Weight Status

Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25 – 29.9 Overweight
30 & Above Obese

According to calculations by the researchers, for women the perfect waist-to-hip ratio should be 0.7-0.8, ie the waist should be 70-80 percent of the hips. For men, this figure is slightly more — 0.9 or 90 %.

Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) formula: Waist circumference divided through hip circumference.

8. Wrong eating

Much better to eat less food at a time, but do it more often, each 2-3 hours, than to divide the daily ration by standard breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, of course, you shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m.

9. Lack of planning

Many people do not even think about how many calories they consume daily.

Decrease of caloric content for 500 calories a day leads to a weight reduction of 1 kg a week.

Each diet that works will want you monitor daily food intake and count its caloric content.


But let’s stop and think about Christmas and New Year holidays . They are coming soon! What can spoil our holiday mood? Beautiful dress that has become too small! Don’t worry. Just lose a few pounds! OK, but how to do it? Lose weight for a holiday! You can create for yourself healthy quick diet.

Quick diet can last from 3 to 7 days. It should be based on the principle of reducing caloric consumption. For example,  normal diet for a woman is about 2000 calories, but quick diet hardly has 1000 calories.

Besides, weight reduction is caused by loss of water. That doesn’t mean you need to  decrease the water consumed during the day! Follow your daily rate. I mean stagnant fluid in the body. All of us have a need in detox. Let’s refresh our inner ocean. To enhance the effect, you can also buy special products in the pharmacy, which help to eliminate excess water from the body. In particular, they can contain algae. Pineapples, grapefruits, watermelons also help remove excess fluids from the body, have a diuretic effect and neutralize toxins. However, this kind of quick diet is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and kidneys.

What else can promote weight reduction along with excess fluids? Activated charcoal, which slows down the absorption of fat. Ginger, that speeds metabolism. Massages, body wraps and sauna also put the excess water out . All these things can enhance the effect of weight reduction during quick diet. But if you hope for a stunning result, you should know that when we eat very little, metabolism begins to slow. So do not expect that you will be able to  lose more than 5 kg instantly. The weight reduction is usually just 2-3 kg.

Forbidden foods during quick diet:

  • potatoes
  • butter
  • grapes, raisins
  • sausage
  • cheeses
  • cereals with sugar
  • chocolate, caramel
  • nuts
  • milk, condensed milk
  • juices of industrial production
  • canned food (meat, vegetables and all other)
  • yeast dough
  • sugar (it can be replaced with natural honey)
  • alcoholic cocktails
  • any sauces from the shops

Of course, all such quick diets eliminate salt, sugar, carbonated drinks and alcohol. You should sleep well during the diet. It is also desirable to do morning exercises and take a contrast shower. These means will also enhance the effect of weight reduction.

And remember basic «rule of security» that let to not  disserve the stomach. It is necessary to eat at least 4 times a day. Breakfast is especially important, it helps control appetite. Dinner should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime .

Be sure to consult with your doctor about the possibility of the use of such kind of quick diets.


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