Can you do Nauli? Come to our workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas!

We are happy to announce our special program on December. We invite our guests each Sunday, 10.00 — 14.00, to visit our thematic workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas. Participants have chance to get to know all things that they would ever wanted to know about Uddiyana bandha, Agnisara Dhauti and Nauli kriya. All these practices are extremely useful for the health.

Today’s post is written by Anastasiya Melnikova, yoga instructor at Ecozone. You will be able to meet her in person on the third workshop which is devoted Nauli kriya. It’s her story about Nauli…She tells in details how she mastered Nauli kriya.

Can you do Nauli? Come to our workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas!«Move your abdominal muscles from one side to another by strong shoves. This is called Lauliki yoga she removes any disease and kindles the digestive fire». That’s how «Gheranda Samhita» described Nauli practice in XVII century. About two centuries before «Hatha Yoga Pradipika» also described nauli: «With head down, rotate abdominal viscera slowly to the left and to the right like a whirlpool in the river.» Honestly, it’s not enough for understanding of the Nauli practice.  Fair to say that the authors of treatises on yoga, likely did not intend to inform  our contemporaries about various techniques in details.  Yoga is not exercises. It’s primarily philosophy, a certain way to achieve a state of happiness. But it’s difficult to reach complete happiness without a healthy body. Therefore, every self-respecting yogin must possess certain knowledge and skills. Especially yoga instructor, as me, carrying information to the world.

I read a lot about Nauli kriya and wanted to learn it some years ago. It’s very important  practice for the body of any person. Nauli gives cleansing, inner balance and peace of mind, even the state of happiness. Modern books explain the technique in more details. The first stage is the correct Uddiyana bandha: hold the breath after exhalation, block windpipe, expand your chest — mmake «false» inhalation. Then pull your belly in (by creating a vacuum in the belly, not by means of muscles). With this I had no problems. The second stage is pushing the rectus abdominis so that to make a vertical wave. That’s where the difficulty began. How to push them out? With some effort I put forward the entire abdomen and, respectively,  lost Uddiyana bandha. The tension was such that perspiration appeared. In general, something was clearly wrong.

One highly respected instructor once told me that it took about a year to master Nauli kriya. My lazy mind immediately jumped at the straw: «That means I still have time ahead.»

So the year passed in fruitless attempts to master Nauli from time to time. Then my consciencehe woke up and I was once again plunged into a hard practice. On the advice of the same instructor I tried to do at least 100 attempts per day in different positions: sitting, lying, standing, in the Cat posture, etc. To the great relief of my lazy mind, the good news made ​​me break off — I got pregnant . A pregnancy, menstruation and acute abdominal diseases are contraindications for practice of Nauli kriya. Then I decided that after childbirth I will continue necessarily. Especially since it’s one of the best practices for the returning belly muscles their firmness and tautness that  is a good motivation for any woman.

After giving birth, I noticed that the rectus abdominis have come forth. And I knew exactly what I need to push forward. I have heard that if you practice Nauli kriya for 20 minutes every day, you will succeed in two weeks or even earlier.

The first three days did not work: as before, with the efforts I put forward all the belly muscles. I practiced standing in a pose with half-bent knees and hands on my thighs. I put a small mirror on the floor to see the belly. On the fourth day crazy excitement added to the unsuccessful attempts: my body doesn’t fit this advanced Nauli kriya, it’s all in vain, etc. But I did not stop. On the fifth day the same thing happened, despair intensified. I decided that if nothing works within two weeks, then all is not mine, it is not my fate, karma doesn’t allow, etc. :-) On the sixth day I gave myself a break to calm the mind .

After a break at the end of the regular 20 minutes first result appeared. I was able to allocate a muscle on the right side of the abdomen. The next day I  could allocate and isolate left muscle. I could move the wave! On the ninth day I saw Madhyama Nauli — static wave in the middle of the abdomen. It’s done, I needed just to fix the result.

From the experience of other yogins, I can conclude that I have all the opposite happened. They say, you must first master the wave in the middle, then to train the right and left waves, and only after the final form with moving waves becomes available. Apparently, there are exceptions.

Through this experience, I have come to certain conclusions:

1. To master any skill you need patience and system, regularity and little time. Even such young inexperienced mother of not the calm child without grandparents assistant, like me, could find 20 minutes a day.

2. It is important not to succumb to mind’s provocations that is always in a hurry to distract your attention from your goals at every opportunity.

3. Everyone can learn Nauli kriya. After all, many years ago we were learning  to sit and walk, and began, like my son now, from pant and groaning :-) .

And more. Nauli practice really helps to come to a state of happiness, reduce excitement of mind and  lift your mood. And it’s very, very useful for your health. And I promise: I will teach you how to do Nauli kriya at our seminars at Ecozone.


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