Do yoga to lower high blood pressure naturally: Purna Svasa pranayama

For many years every day I’m surprised of efficiency yoga system, as well as of the talent and deep knowledge of its ancient creators. Yoga is not just a system to improve body and spirit. This is a real science. A lot of cases from my own and my students’ life approve this fact again and again… Often yoga helps to lower high blood pressure naturally. For example, breathing technique named Purna Svasa pranayama should be included in any kind of treatments for hypertension. However every class of yoga for high blood pressure must be built very carefully.

Yoga for high blood pressure: breathing technique to lower high blood pressure naturally and fast by an average of 10-15 mm. Alternative treatments for hypertensionThe other day I had my first private lesson with a new student. Her age is over forty, a weight is a bit under a hundred kilos, blood pressure 170/110 is almost a norm for her. In general, this picture is fairly common… I sincerely admire people who have the strength of will and desire to exercise regularly with such initial data. It’s a pity, usually they make this choice only when they finally realize what an impasse came, bringing their bodies in such a sorry state. However, after 3-4 weeks of regular exercise the body begins to remember how it is to feel well. But remember: yoga for high blood pressure must be quite soft practice according lots of rules. In this article I’m going to list some rules that help to lower high blood pressure naturally and can be used as part of treatments for hypertension.

It is widely believed that the pressure about 170/110 is a contraindication to the active exercise. But exercise can be different, we speak just about yoga for high blood pressure. As a part of treatments for hypertension a number of static postures are quite helpful and can be considered as therapeutic exercises. Of course, exercise at high pressure must be strictly selected. Generally, the activities for hypertensive we do not the classic version of yoga asanas, we choose their adapted modifications, taking into account their capability to lower high blood pressure naturally, drug-free.

In short, that day I got another golden opportunity to verify the effectiveness of yoga for high blood pressure. We worked out well, more than an hour, we even dared to go beyond what is permitted. For example, we were doing forward bends, where the head was lower than the heart, although it’s no good for hypertensive. It may seem paradoxical at first glance, in some asanas such position is therapeutic for hypertensive. It’s not accidental that yoga exercises are recommended to lower high blood pressure naturally and can be used as an additional constituent of treatments for hypertension.

As we started and ended the practice is standard in classes of yoga for high blood pressure, with Purna Svasa Pranayama. This is breathing exercises for hypertension . In fact, it is a full yoga breathing when lying down. Full yogic breathing is a technique that begins exploration of yoga system. It combines diaphragmatic, rib and clavicular breathing.

As a component of treatments for hypertension a special variation of this pranayama is particularly useful for hypertensive. Here’s how to do it. We breath slowly and deeply, using consistently all parts of the lungs. We accompany breathing by the movement of hands. Starting position is lying down, arms down along the body, palms down. With the full inhalation raise the hands up and over the head. When hands touch the floor inhalation is ended.  With the full exhalation drop the arms to the starting position along the body. Synchronize accurately the start and the end of the movements with appropriate part of breathing. In any situation when you need to lower high blood pressure naturally and fast add to this guidance light mula bandha in the end of exhalation and appropriate visualizations.

Purna Svasa Pranayama is a simple breathing exercises that can be used as an element of treatments for hypertension, which can lower high blood pressure naturally by an average of 10-15 mm. It fits perfectly in any exercise program for hypertensive patients, in classes of yoga for high blood pressure also.

Of course, we have measured the blood pressure before the class and after. And what do you think? Minus 15 mm! I repeat and even insist that yoga is a science. It was promised, wasn’t it? So, get it :-)

Now, let’s remember those initial data with which my new student started classes. It is important to understand that the main obstacle for yoga practice in her case is not a hypertension. It’s an overweight. Indeed, it is hard to start exercising with the weighs about 100 kg. Indeed, the remarkable strength of will is needed. However the result is worth it … And the weight is lost day by day.

In general, it must be said that every class of yoga for high blood pressure has to be a combination of asanas practice, meditation and proper breathing techniques. The right combination is quite effective to lower high blood pressure naturally, without medications.

Many asanas can be included in this alternative kind of treatments for hypertension if they have the ability to calm the mind and the heart, relieve stress and tension, restore the health of the cardiovascular system. Start with Sukhasana, Pashchimottanasana, Setu Bandhasana, Supta Baddha Konasana and, surely, Balasana and Savasana.

But again, the selection of exercises in the treatment for hypertension should be done with caution. Be especially vigilant with asanas, in which the heart is above the head. Do not throw back your head deeply, it is not good to strain your neck. Choose yoga style according to your health conditions. It is obvious that the dynamic practice is not for you. Pay more attention to relaxation during all the classes of yoga for high blood pressure. I mean not only the final relaxation in Savasana. Use every moment in sequence that let you relax for a moment. Activation the parasympathetic nervous system is one of the criterias in the selection of exercises that can help to lower high blood pressure naturally.

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