Best ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox by plant oils

The ancient Indian sources offer original method of cleansing body. The essence of some ways to cleanse your body naturally lies in the fact that the process of digestion begins in the mouth. The salivary , submandibular, sublingual and parotid glands are in our oral cavity. One of the features of the salivary glands is to allocate metabolic products and substances in the blood. Saliva has alkaline reaction. The amount of blood flowing through the salivary glands when sucking or chewing increases by 6 times. Is a kind of detoxing the body,  all the energy of man and his subtle bodies also – etheric , astral, mental, buddhic ones: 5 positive energies are going up, and 5 negative ones are going down. And all the blood is flowing through this kind of filter and getting  treatment. These are the great ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox.

Best ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox by plant oilsWhy sunflower or peanut oil are the great means for detoxing the body?

Sunflower or peanut oil are great means for detoxing the body because they can absorb and bind all unnecessary and harmful substances in the body. Sucking plant oil restores the normal functioning of cells, improves metabolism, increases the protective function of the body that promotes the resorption of tumors, cure heart disease (myocardial infarction), thrombophlebitis, sciatica, blood disorders, stomach, intestines, kidneys, lungs, sinusitis, all the colds and gynecological disorders, headaches and toothaches. You see how powerful can be ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox.

It should be borne in mind that when you start sucking oil hidden pockets of old diseases that didn’t disturb the person for a long time begin to dissolve. There can be a temporary exacerbation of the disease, the general condition of the person deteriorates, which means absorption of the disease focus that could cause illness in the future. It is an integral part of the process of cleansing body. Do no worry about that. You need to understand the reasons and to continue treatment by detoxing the body. Remind yourself that you use best and easy ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox. These exacerbations may continue for a month, and then comes a significant improvement in health. By means of cleansing body many diseases will disappear one by one. First the thyroid gland is cleaned and heals.

Body cleanse recipe at home detox

For detoxing the body take 1 table spoon of good unrefined sunflower oil  (oil should be sure to domestic production, with the smell of sunflower seeds) and keep it in the front of the mouth. According to this body cleanse recipe at home detox you  mustn’t swallow the oil in any case, it is impossible, even by accident, especially in the early days of cleansing body.

Chew and suck the oil like candy or soother. This process should be stress-free, it lasts 24 minutes. Each of 4 elements (fire, water, ground and air) is required  6 min for the full circulation, so 6×4 = 24 min.

Initially, the oil is getting thick. Then it looks like a liquid such as water, after which it should be spit into the toilet. At the end of the cleansing body process the liquid should be as white as milk. If it has yellow color and sequins that means the process of sucking hasn’t brought to its end. In this case, repeat the procedure of detoxing the body. White color speaks of suction and neutralize of poison. The resulting liquid is a strong poison.

Use this body cleanse recipe at home detox  2 times a day: in the morning and before going to bed, and always on an empty stomach at that time all the diseases are found in the oral cavity at the base of the teeth. During the sucking body is released from toxins , bacterias, viruses , salts, mucus, deleterious microflora. Gas exchange is enhanced,  the metabolism is activated. That’s why these ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox are so effective.

During these ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox you should focus on detoxing the body or healing illness. For example, if you have a tumor, it is necessary to mentally repeat the statement, «the tumor is resolves, as the smoke is dissolved.» When kidney diseases use other affirmation, «I suck pathogenic viruses from the kidneys». When colds, say, «I suck out mucus and phlegm from the lungs.» In diseases of the stomach, «The fire of the stomach is cleaned , cleaned , cleaned…» These statements are repeated mentally for 12 min. Other time of detoxing the body you can think about nothing and allow yourself to do something in parallel. After sucking is recommended to rinse your mouth with hot sage broth. Treatment will take place automatically while sucking oil. Be aware that this method of cleansing body can be used as preventive measure also.

For the treatment of certain diseases a small amount of time is required, for example, stomach pain can be treated for 5 days. However for the treatment of severe and chronic diseases a long time is required, sometimes up to six months, but in this case the acceleration of the treatment procedures can be achieved by suckling 4 times a day. With these ways to cleanse your body naturally at home detox, a large number of diseases can be cured without resorting to drugs. So do not use medicines during this treatment.