Laugh with health! Some new facts about laugh benefits

Each 30 days, The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor delivers electronic magazine containing details on the newest research in the field of humor and laughter. The one, published in January, included an extra cure.  The Manager Bob Nozik detailed five top discoveries in humor and laughter of last season: “I would like to discuss some of this essential findings with you».

Laugh with health! Some new facts about laugh benefits1. Do you want to have a healthier heart?

Michael Miller discovered that laughter causes vein dilatation. The significance of this is that fun can enhance blood circulation and heart wellness.

2 – Laughter improves immunity

Dr. Lee Berk’s research revealed that laughter causes endorphin launch. It was not a secret that hormones help keep our immune system healthier, however it was not documented before.

3 – Who has more fun — adults or children?

For years, it’s stated that grownups have a good laugh not more than 15 moments a day though children have 300 to 400 moments of a good laugh.

Dr. Rod Martin discovered after studing a lot of materials that it’s not true. In fact, there are signs that grownups might actually have a good laugh even a little bit more often than children.

4 –  Laughter instead Good Training

Another research from Dublin,  reveals that laughter makes blood presure higher. Other research has shown that hypertension decreases for a time when we quit having a laugh. There is the same effect in fitness!

So put away your athletic footwear and start having a laugh.

5 – Laughing Reduces Weight

At Vanderbilt School scientists discovered that laughing burns not one calory  per min, as we get used to think. 15 min of laughing every day could cause reducing up to four pounds per 12 months.

Of course, if you are eating a dish of ice while having a laugh, I’m not sure what it would create the same effect…


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