Running for health: jogging benefits are greatly exaggerated

It’ll be runner’s confession with all the truth about running for health. Jogging benefits are greatly exaggerated, and I have all the rights to say that.  My surname is Markelov, and I am a Russian runner in third generation. My grandfather jogged before the socialist revolution, my father jogged before the World War II, and I’ve jogged after the war. Fortunately for hereditary runners, my son does not jog and the family burden will not be pass on.

Running for health: jogging benefits are greatly exaggerated

I know all about jogging benefits and all about processes occurring in the body while running. Shortly, running for health is not good.

Answering all the questions from the series “health benefits of running for women, health benefits of running for men, jogging benefits, etc” I say unambiguously: running is harmful to your health.

Our family has a great experience, mostly negative one, in dealing with hundreds of doctors, coaches and experts in alternative medicine. I am going to tell the truth and it will be contrary to all the canons but probably exactly for that my grandfather, my father and I were running the whole life.

I wasn’t the champion of the world, Europe or my country, but repeatedly won prize places. Now we can already reveal our family secrets.

There are two ones. First secret refers to the training procedure, second one to the speed of movement at the competitions.

Half of trainings took place early in the morning, at dawn, or late in the evening, at sunset, that increased speed of daytime running. At the competitions, on the rising parts of distance or other horizontal segments,  we ran with maximum speed-up periodically, in order to exhaust our contestants with this ragged pace because most of them were trained on the base of uniform running during all distance and speed-up at the finish.

Competitive ragged pace was kind of well-known, but no one has practiced trainings based totally on this method. The so-called ragged pace formed not by the timer, for example, first two minutes with regular pace, then two minutes with speed-up, etc. It was achieved using by system of tuning of organism to a specific musical rhythm.During all distance I sing the same tune. Rivals, not knowing the melody, can never predict when the next speed-up will begin and how long it will be. Thus, our rivals did not run, and at all the distance they were waiting for our next speed-up, then they tried to keep it up, and the next short rest also doesn’t make them glad because at any moment they must be ready to increase the pace, obeying to another’s will. At the same time we feel comfortable to run with music and musical changes in the physical efforts give us pleasure only.

However, our system didn’t change the true state of things, didn’t change the influence of running for health, didn’t increase any jogging benefits, or health benefits of running for women, or health benefits of running for men, etc. Ragged pace doesn’t make running useful activity, under any system of trainings running is bad for health. Now I will tell what happens to human’s body during running or other intensive physical exercises.

Blood is produced by bones and gets into soft tissues (heart and circulatory system) through the tendons. After you start physical exercising blood pressure begins to raise slightly. It’s caused by changes in biochemical blood composition for a training period. Depending on physical state of body and fitness level, blood composition changes quickly or slowly (from 1-2 minutes to 10-20 minutes). After that body is ready for physical activities. During training or competition bones keep seething of blood and intensive functioning  of heart and circulatory system. When physical exercises are finished bones stop supplying catalyst into the blood.

Thus, the importance of warming the body up before training and relaxation after it are caused by the need to change the blood composition, not by the necessity to warm the muscles up, restore the breath, etc, how doctors and coaches thought during thousands of years.

A true warming-up is not convulsive movements of an athlete, but isometric exercises or yoga practice, which make concentrated load on bones of legs, arms, back, hips and neck. For a relaxation I recommend to lie down with eyes closed for a few minutes.

Now you know a reason why sometimes a person can not continue exercises after a strain training. Bones need a break in their great job, they need a relaxation. And you understand now how important it is to support health of bones. But don’t use running for health. Jogging benefits are  much lower than harm.

When I started to write this article I began feeling better from awareness that I share this information with people — about real meaning running for health and illusory jogging benefits. In popular cultures are you can read and hear a lot of propaganda on health benefits of running for women, health benefits of running for men, etc. But all this is not true.

A human body was destined to help people to move, live a full life and work, love and have posterity. Every jump and jumping running step do microtraumas to the human’s spine and wear out leg joints. That’s why running for health is bad and harmful activity. It can be allowed only in extreme cases, as it is injurious to body. Not by chance animals use running just for a short time when they have vital need to catch a prey or to save their own lives.

Nature provided a human’s body with skeleton, tendons and muscles to walk. A person, wishing to increase speed of movement or strengthen the body, can change a slow walking for a rapid one, using a technique of athletic walking. It is also necessary to change the name of running tracks for walking tracks, and to exclude running from Olympic types of sports. There are no states in the world now which take care for human’s physical health. Just passive amateurishness is supported, when viewers-listeners-fans spend their lives lying in front of TV or sitting on the  stadium benches with beer and cheeps.

The level of knowledge about the benefits and harms of different things for health is extremely low too. The consciousness of people is crowded myths, and one of these myths is stereotypes about the jogging benefits, running for health, health benefits of running for women, health benefits of running for men also.

I believe that sooner or later people will create the society, which will take true care of people, and there’ll be no illusions about running for health and jogging benefits. In my opinion, this society must have a proper public organ that will take care of a physical state of each person during all his\her life, without fraud and imaginary manifestation of concern for people through showing individuals, who won on competitions, harming the health of both spectators and athletes.


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