Enjoy open air yoga in Moscow!

Enjoy open air yoga in Moscow! Yoga in English

9 May we opened the summer season! Yoga classes individually and in small groups (3-5 people ) are now held in the open air — in the courtyard of Ecozone, in the south-west of Moscow. And only in the rainy and hot days we go back into the room. This is a unique opportunity for people to attend yoga classes in the open air, in the eco-friendly location with convenient location. You can negotiate schedule private lessons with the instructor or join a small group «Yoga for Weight Loss», «Yoga for Health», «Yoga for Women», «Yoga for Seniors». On weekends, visitors can take part in regular trips to our remote branch in the Ruza district.

How to get to Ecozone?


Yoga classes at Ecozone have a fundamental idea which is our distinctive feature. It’s a personal approach to any practician that allows you to achive your goals in yoga quickly and effectively: to lose weight, improve health, strengthen the nervous system and improve the overall quality of life, gaining control over your body, mind and emotions.

This principle is implemented in two versions — for individual lessons and for small groups of 3 to 5 people . In such a group, of course, the attention of the instructor is devoted not only to you, but it is still enough for a high level of efficiency. In addition, in a small group instructor can guarantee the safe lessons for all of its members, which is not possible in usual groups of up to 20, and often up to 30 people. If you are in doubt what classes are better for you — solo or in a small group, first determine your level of physical fitness and discuss it with yoga teacher.

«Summer is a great time for a systematic yoga practice, especially if you have the opportunity to have yoga classes in open air,»  says Liya Volova, senior yoga instructor at Ecozone. «It seems too crowded and stuffy inside in summer. The air conditioning only increases the danger of catching cold. The efficiency of outdoor activities is much higher.

Sometimes people wonder why they feel yourself more proficient in yoga practice in the open air? They mean back bends, forward bends, head stand, etc. Why after yoga in nature depression goes away faster,  stress relieves quickly… The mood rises up noticeably… Extra pounds are burn faster and muscles are strengthened visibly… Back pain passes… Mobility of the joints returns… Blood pressure normalizes… The symptoms of menopause are alleviated… Etc.

Pain relief really comes sooner if you practice open air yoga. It’s naturally when you consider yoga as not just gymnastics, but as a comprehensive approach to the development of body, mind, emotional and spiritual state. Practicing of asanas is inseparable from breathing and increasing the energy of the body.

Open air yoga classes causes a desire to breathe deeply, slowly, with relish. That is the same way of breathing like in the ancient yogic tradition. When you breath actively, blood is enriched with oxygen, the body becomes supple and flexible, muscles are ready to work harder, joints can be opened deeper.

Open air yoga classes contribute to the concentration of the mind. We know that keeping the attention on the breath and the sensations of the body is one of the first conditions of good practice.

And, of course, pranayama, or breathing techniques, is more efficiently in open air, it brings the maximum benefit to the body. The air inside is saturated with positive ions, dust and other harmful trace elements. The group doesn’t need a lot of time to spend all the oxygen in the room, and even air ionizers do not help. Under the sky air molecules change their chemical, mechanical, and wave characteristics. This  air is is truly alive and able to revive, refresh and restore our bodies, especially when we breathe mindfully.

Meditations in the open air are also more pleasant, skills of control over your thoughts and emotions are formed faster. And many other processes in the body and mind are optimized and return to normal, healthy functioning. Join our open air yoga — either individually or in small groups to experience its beneficial effects!»

Enjoy open air yoga in Moscow! Yoga in English

Discuss both schedule of your private lessons, and your desire to join a particular group in advance by calling (925 ) 056 82 66 or by email yogaliya@gmail.com.


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