Put omega 3 fatty acid benefits in the base of arthritis nutrition

When pain in joints makes our life miserable, we are ready at any means, and even  revolution in the diet seems to be possible and desirable. Arthritis nutrition should be aimed at enriching the body substances that support the efficiency of our joints. In particular, arthritis nutrition must include oily fish. Why? I think, you guess. Oily fish is a good omega 3 fatty acid sources. Fish foods good for arthritis because of omega 3 fatty acid benefits. Avoid fish only if you need to treat gout.

Питание при артрозе и артрите: жирная рыба и эскимосская кухня!

Let’s remind ourselves  omega 3 fatty acid benefits to realize why these foods good for arthritis.

Omega 3 fatty acid benefits are revealed better when their percentage in the diet is balanced. It decreases the probability of occurrence of autoimmune and allergic diseases. If a person has already these ailments the maintenance of optimal amounts of omega 3 fatty acid sources in the diet facilitates the patient’s state. This applies to rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Omega fatty acid benefits protect the musculoskeletal system from arthritis, arthrosis, inflammation of the joints and muscles. By the way, they also regulate the digestive system and prevent the development of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, etc.

In rheumatoid arthritis — this is infectious disease of the connective tissue with a lesion of the joints — the most dangerous thing is friction occurring in the articular joints which causes irreversible destruction of articular tissue.

At this stage arthritis nutrition, rich in omega 3 fatty acid sources, is a natural obstacle to the beginning and development of arthritis. Foods good for arthritis is an effective means of relieving the pain in sensitive articular joints, because one of the omega 3 fatty acid benefits is the ability to facilitate pain and anxiety.

Omega 3 fatty acid benefits make them an excellent tool for the prevention of arthritis. Of course, arthritis nutrition is not just the fish. According to medical statistics, regular consumption of olive oil and cooked vegetables greatly increases the percentage of full treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with chronic and infectious aetiology. Olive oil health benefits are really great.

Do not forget about small children, when talking about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Foods good for arthritis is also useful for healthy bone development. Thus, arthritis nutrition can be a healthy diet for the whole family.

Olive oil health benefits. Put omega 3 fatty acid benefits in the base of arthritis nutritionOlive oil health benefits is explained first of all by high content of vitamins E, A, D and K, which are very important to strengthen the growing body of the child, because these vitamins contribute to the attaching of calcium in the bones making them healthy and strong. At the same time, because of olive oil health benefits it’s particularly recommended to older people, as it is absorbed by the body very rapidly and helps to activate many minerals and vitamins in the body.

Moreover, olive oil promotes bone mineralization — sedimentation of minerals in the bone tissue, inhibiting the loss of calcium. Bone tissue is a storehouse of mineral structure of the body, and in the absence of adequate supplies of minerals in the bone tissues of the body there is a risk of serious diseases such as osteoporosis. From this viewpoint, health benefits have very important curative effect on human bone structure and play a great role in arthritis nutrition.

Physicians have long noted that the countries with the Mediterranean diet the percentage of people suffering from diseases of the joints is much lower. The main feature of such a diet is an abundance of fish and seafood, omega 3 fatty acid sources. Their bodies know all olive oil health benefits also. And among the Eskimos problems with joints happen even more rarely. Fish is the basis of their diet, they consume meat and dairy products much less. So, in spite of the lack of the olive oil health benefits, they have omega 3 fatty acid benefits in abundance.

Bones and cartilage need both omega 3 fatty acid benefits and calcium, phosphorus.  Meal with vitamins A, D and E are also foods good for arthritis. This is the main accent of arthritis nutrition.

Number one from all the omega 3 fatty acid benefits s their anti-inflammatory effects. That’s why special attention in arthritis nutrition is paid to the omega 3 fatty acid sources.

Include in your menu trout, salmon, mackerel, herring and other oily fish. These are foods good for arthritis. Let’s learn from the Eskimos and the inhabitants of the Mediterranean! And what is even more importantly — get moving! Movement is the only reliable insurance.


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