Can you do Nauli? Come to our workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas!

We are happy to announce our special program on December. We invite our guests each Sunday, 10.00 — 14.00, to visit our thematic workshops on yogic abdominal kriyas. Participants have chance to get to know all things that they would ever wanted to know about Uddiyana bandha, Agnisara Dhauti and Nauli kriya. All these practices are extremely useful for the health.

Today’s post is written by Anastasiya Melnikova, yoga instructor at Ecozone. You will be able to meet her in person on the third workshop which is devoted Nauli kriya. It’s her story about Nauli…She tells in details how she mastered Nauli kriya. Continue reading


Yoga seminar about yoga and healthy way of life will start soon!

You still have time to join the joint Russian-American yoga seminar on «Yoga and healthy life» which will be held here, at Moscow Ecozone, on May 2-3! Participation cost is 10 thousand rubles or $330. If you come from other places, you are welcome to settle here, you just need to discuss this at +7 916 618 36 56. It’s a good cause to have yoga retreat at ecological place.

Seminar about yoga and healthy way of life will start soon!

These yoga workshops are going to explore the sequences of asanas, pranayama and meditations to facilitate the process of transition to a healthier lifestyle through the restructuring of metabolism and self-programming of person. Speakers and workshops’ leaders are Mary Astarita representing   Yoga Association, and Liya Volova, project manager at the Center for healing and rejuvenation and a certified international yoga teacher. Both instructors share interests to classical hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini yoga and follow the principles of Kripalu Yoga. Yoga seminar participants will have the opportunity to compare the features of yoga practice adopted in the United States and Russia .

The first day will be about asanas and kriyas which are able to normalize metabolism, activate the hormonal system, increase immunity and guarantee a burst of energy. These asanas and kriyas will operate effectively, if you do them mindfully and in accordance with technics, including the smallest detail. At the end of the first day’s official program you will have time for individual consultations when you can ask all  questions about the adaptation of certain asanas to your health and your level of physical fitness.

Theme of the second day is breathing techniques to promote the comprehensive healthy lifestyle through a balance of physical, mental and emotional plans. Different pranayama is used in different situations and for different purposes. A separate yoga workshop is dedicated to meditation in motion.

This is the second joint yoga seminar for Mary Astarita and Leah Volovoi. The first yoga retreat was held last fall in Anapa. The next yoga workshops are scheduled on Long Island.

The Russian version of yoga seminar’s materials will be published on the web-site