Yoga and pregnancy: can I do inversions?

Yoga and pregnancy: can I do inversions?Is yoga good for pregnancy? Which asanas should not be done? And if there is a risk of miscarriage, can I do yoga? What do you say about inversions? What to do if I don’t feel good practicing Sarvangasana? I receive such questions quite regularly. So, I think, that’s time to answer them here.

Sure, yoga and pregnancy are an ideal match J. And the answer to the question “Is yoga good for pregnancy?”  is obvious: yes, of course, it’s very useful to practice yoga when you wait for a baby. Yoga and pregnancy are absolutely compatible and good for the health of both mother and baby. Asanas, breathing techniques and meditation contribute to trouble-free pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, the practice of yoga is extremely useful in the postpartum period when each woman needs to strengthen the abdominal muscles and recover her shapes.

So yoga provides comprehensive support to women before, during and after childbirth. This is a complex of benefits, including physical, physiological, mental and emotional support. However, there are some rules which are necessary to follow. Besides yoga poses for pregnancy that are good for each woman, there could be some contraindications in your case. It’d better to ask experienced yoga teacher to build sequence personally for you.

And there are asanas and exercises that are forbidden during pregnancy or just at some period of it. For example, long practice of Padmasana (Lotus pose) is not recommended, because it reduces blood circulation in the legs.

Inversions are usually also not recommended as yoga poses for pregnancy. Continue reading


Breathing exercises for pregnant women: how to breathe during labor?

Breathing exercises for pregnant women are their strength and support. First, during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth when mom has double responsibility, because she has to breathe for herself and for her baby. Second, proper breathing during labor will allow reduce pain and speed up the childbearing process. Today’s post in this category — Breathing exercises for pregnant women — is dedicated to this theme: how to breathe during labor? Our online training courses Preparation For Childbirth pay a lot of attention to this important question. Usually we combine breathing exercises for pregnant women with gymnastics. A yoga classes for pregnant women at the same time teach them to make correct postures and movements that are effective during different stages of labor.

Let’s begin our preparation for childbirth trying to understand how to breathe during labor. We should master two types of breathing.

Breathing exercises for pregnant women, type 1: relaxing breath during contractions

Breathing exercises for pregnant, type 2: holding your breath at the vain attempts

Breathing exercises for pregnant women: how to breathe during labor?Childbirth is a natural process. Pain in childbirth, as the doctors say, is absolutely physiological phenomen. But this does not mean that you have to put up with it. Proper breathing during labor, well-chosen postures and body movements will help alleviate the pain significantly and even completely reduce it to nothing. Our online training courses Preparation For Childbirth will teach you how to do it. You will not just get to know how to breathe during labor. You will also possess the appropriate skills. Just knowledge, unfortunately, is not enough for a woman during childbirth when she is under stress and loses control of herself easily. To be ready to this state you should study and train how to breathe during labor, as well as appropriate postures, well before childbirth. Continue reading