Put omega 3 fatty acid benefits in the base of arthritis nutrition

When pain in joints makes our life miserable, we are ready at any means, and even  revolution in the diet seems to be possible and desirable. Arthritis nutrition should be aimed at enriching the body substances that support the efficiency of our joints. In particular, arthritis nutrition must include oily fish. Why? I think, you guess. Oily fish is a good omega 3 fatty acid sources. Fish foods good for arthritis because of omega 3 fatty acid benefits. Avoid fish only if you need to treat gout.

Питание при артрозе и артрите: жирная рыба и эскимосская кухня!

Let’s remind ourselves  omega 3 fatty acid benefits to realize why these foods good for arthritis.

Omega 3 fatty acid benefits are revealed better when their percentage in the diet is balanced. It decreases the probability of occurrence of autoimmune and allergic diseases. If a person has already these ailments the maintenance of optimal amounts of omega 3 fatty acid sources in the diet facilitates the patient’s state. This applies to rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, etc. Continue reading